20 Hours Tokyo

It’s really rewarding to be able to live and work in Japan. Tokyo is famous for it’s pancakes, which are made with all the usual ingredients, but they turn out slightly taller than normal.

There are 2 shops where you can get them in Tokyo.“Yukinoshita” is one shop where the owner is a cake chef. The pancakes all look like this!

“Eggs n’ Things” serves pancakes, omelets and crepes.  Eggs n’ Things stays open later and they take the last order at 10 o’clock. But if you show up to Yukinoshita too close to closing time, which is what I did, you’ll have to come back at another time.

“I’m leaving tomorrow!” I tried pleading with the wait staff. They quickly whipped out their phones and started talking rapidly while searching for nearby shops. It was a little surprising since shops usually will still let you order if you walk in before they actually close, but next time.

Asakusa is a traditional part of Tokyo. I only saw it once, but there is more about it here.
Tokyo Sky Tree: You get a really beautiful view of the city and, if it’s still there, go into PPAP Cafe.
Meiji Jingu Shrine

NHK Studio Park 
offers tours  and events at different times. Have fun!


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