Shiroi Koibito Park

“Shiroi Koibitio Park” — a fancy way to say Sapporo Chocolate Factory. Just kidding, sort of..

If you tell anyone you’re going to the “Sapporo Chocolate Factory” they will, without a doubt, know that you mean Shiroi Koibito Park. “Shiroi Koibito” is the name of Hokkaido Prefecture’s famous white chocolate sandwich cookie, after which the museum/factory are also named. The beautiful park is as surreal as a chocolate factory should be. Upon entering you get a little passport book. It is available in English and Japanese. After that, you proceed through the museum on a self-guided tour that takes you through the history of the cookie. There’s also a tea cup room where you can see a variety of different cups on display.

A portion of the tour is devoted to watching the cookie production line from overheard. Dozens of workers clad head to toe in food industry work wear, move busily about inspecting cookies, monitoring the production line and talking with one another. It was amazing to see how attentive and serious they were about producing the cookie.

The name of the cookie, “Shiroi Koibito” was born when the founder saw snow falling in Hokkaido. Snowfall in Hokkaido is a familiar sight, and the founder referred to the gently falling flurries as “shiroi koibito,” which translates into “white loved ones” in English.  This snow-themed cookie is available year-round not just at Shiroi Koibito Park, but at candy and gift shops around Hokkaido, and possibly other prefectures?


Production line




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