Sapporo Beer Museum

I don’t think a trip to Hokkaido is complete without a trip to its beer museum in Sapporo City. Apparently it is the only beer museum in the country.  The oldest beer in Japan is none other than Sapporo Beer, first brewed in 1876. At the museum you can read about the history of Sapporo Breweries, view how the advertisements changed over time, and sample their signature drink (or other beverages if you don’t like Sapporo Beer, or beer at all) at the end of the tour. While the museum doesn’t include the actual brewery, you can enjoy delicious food at Garden Grill, which is part of Sapporo Biergarten (I think).

Sapporo Breweries Limited is close to an hour away, so not too far, in Eniwa. It would be great if the museum and brewery were closer to each other…give it more of an authentic feel. First you see how the beer is made, and then you get to try it. Several years ago I visited a soy sauce factory, San-J I think, as part of a school trip. We saw steps in the fermenting, processing and packaging process, and at the end received a bottle of the soy sauce.

I will say that if you want to see how something edible and specific to Hokkaido is made, visit the chocolate factory, Shiroi Koibito Park! Like the Beer Museum, it goes through the history of Hokkaido’s Shiroi Koibito cookie. As part of the tour, you get a free sample cookie. It also includes a gift shop where you can buy lots of other pastries, candies, etc.

The goal is to visit the actual brewery soon. Not a fan of beer, but still it would be neat to watch how its made.



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