More exams…

Students in Japan have school year-round; the school year begins in April and ends in March.

The end of the school year is approaching here in Japan, and it’s only the end of February. It feels very strange. In class this week with the second-grade students, I asked them what they thought students in the U.S. were doing right  now during the school year. All of the students here are in the midst of studying for exams since graduation is March 1, which is the end of the school year. I didn’t give them the answer, but instead gave them letters that students in the U.S. had written in Japanese. The students wrote letters introducing themselves, their families, and school. Receiving the letters was really lucky, and the timing ended up being really great! There are several fantastic teachers in Virginia who were more than happy to have their students practice writing in Japanese with students here, and the students really enjoyed reading the letters.

Afterwards I asked them to introduce their pen pal using English to the rest of the class.  I joked that I also wanted to know what the U.S. students were doing, but needed someone to help translate the Japanese.

I was given another calendar and on it there was something listed about entrance exams, which was funny because I thought the entrance exams already took place. I know that teachers still have to make the decisions, but I thought the exams already took place. Maybe there’s another component that I didn’t know about…? Ugh, the language barrier is frustrating. But the way I figure, if I can’t understand it, then I probably don’t need to worry about it.




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