High School Entrance Exams in Japan

One thing that differentiates public high schools in Japan from public high schools in the U.S. is that students must take and pass entrance exams in order to enroll.Part of that exam is an interview test, and today is that day for interviews.

Despite the stress of it being an exam day, it feels like a pretty relaxed since, as an ALT, there is not a lot for me to do. I do, however, get a ribbon that tells students I am “staff” and will try to help them in any way that I can. It is a little ironic since I do not actually know what is happening!

There are signs around the school directing staff where they can and cannot go because there are exams in progress. Part of the students` exam includes writing and speaking tests that are in Japanese. The teacher who usually sits next to me has a son that is applying to the school, so he is not here today.

The new school year will begin in April, and the homeroom teachers move along in grade level along with their students. For example, one of the homeroom teachers I work with teaches first year students. When his students graduate and become second years, he will continue to be their homeroom teacher.

It sounds like a good system if you really like your homeroom teacher! It also seems like a great way to get to know your students. Teachers are in and out of the office for various meetings I think. I wonder how soon students find out the results. Either way, I am excited to get to work with some new students once the new school year begins.




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