Exploring Osaka Castle on a Time Crunch

I made a second solo trip outside of Hokkaido at the end of December. The trip was amazing and for six days I visited places in Osaka and Kyoto that I never thought I might get to see. One of those places was Osaka Castle. The Castle is a giant museum consisting of seven floors, and an eighth floor where you can get a view of Osaka Castle Park.

If you arrive there with only a short amount of time, which is what happened to me, but still want to get the most out of your visit, here’s some tips! At 4:15 I was running from the train station trying to find the Castle, and as soon as I did I wanted to do the most predictable thing, stop and take as many photos as possible.

DON’T DO THIS! Go straight to the museum instead (it closes at 5 p.m.) and go ahead and get a ticket. The park will still be open and after the museum closes and you can take as many pictures as you want then. As long as you arrive before 4:30, you can still go inside.

Once inside, I boarded an elevator that went up to the fifth floor museum exhibit. To get to the highest floor you have to take the stairs, so go ahead and do that so that you definitely get a a great of the city that being at the top of the Castle provides! After that, explore each floor of the museum starting from the 7th floor and ending on the first floor.

You can take pictures of anything inside the museum except for what’s on the 4th and 5th floors, and actually I thought those exhibits were the coolest. I spent more time on these floors.

Finally, there was just enough time left to visit the gift shop on the first floor. When the museum really want visitors to leave, they start playing music throughout the museum! When you hear that, time to take that one final picture and then head out!

So in sum, in order to explore in under one hour, here’s how:

1. Don’t take any pictures on the way inside the museum

2. Once inside, go to the 8th floor first to get a panoramic view of the city

3. Explore the museum from the 7th floor down. Try and budget more time for the 4th and 5th floors since you can’t take pictures here, but will want to see the exhibits.

4. On the way out and while walking around the park, capture all the moments with the unlimited time you have!!!


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