Getting to Know Your City Apart from the “Top 10”

When I took a 6 day trip around Kyoto and Osaka it was my first time traveling alone with the sole intent of sightseeing in new places. It was an amazing adventure, and I learned so much. I used Trip Advisor to pick nearby destinations and gained the confidence to navigate a new city and area on my own. But after a day of hopping on trains and buses to visit as many places as possible, I was surprised to finally do a Google search of places only to find out I’d been to many of the tourist spots. In the moment I remember thinking about what to do next. Looking back, here’s what I did!

1. Reflected on the experience and wrote about it
2. People watched from a coffee shop (it was also a good way to warm up!)
3. Talked to other travelers to find out where they were vising from
4. Asked for recommendations from people who lived in the city
5. Found places to meet up with other tourists and travelers
6. Took pictures of the scenery, wherever I was
7. Had conversations on buses with strangers who became friends. It was also a good way to practice conversation in another language

This worked super well for me in Osaka and Kyoto, but I think this could work well in any place.


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