Visiting Church

There’s a Christian church in the city I work in, and when I visited it with another ALT, they gifted us wonderful items, including candy, rice, vegetables and some seaweed! The service was entirely in Japanese, but some of the ministers spoke a little bit of English. It was really amazing. Japan has a really small Christian population, but I have seen some churches. There is even a Gospel concert taking place here and then in Sapporo. Gospel music is popular among Japanese people, but I think they just like the sound of it. It’s really funny to me because they are enjoying these hymns and worship songs that I hated having to sit through as a kid! The kindness and the way that Japanese people treat one anotherĀ and foreigners is really kind. Whether or not they are Japanese Christians they seem to behave in a very hospitable and welcoming way. I’m looking forward to learning more about Japan while here.


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